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W ho is Talking to You?

It breaks my heart that I am writing to you simply because you are in a place of suffering from suicide loss. It’s not a group I thought I’d ever be a part of. Never in a million years did I believe my family would be touched by suicide. I still can’t believe it.

This unconventional family shot was taken on a painting trip but it’s the only one I have where I am not behind the lens.

We homeschooled our kids until university and because we were all in the home we were very close. God was and is the center of our family. We are blessed that each child has a thriving relationship with the Lord.

I am a photographer and thankfully was able to capture much of the kids’ lives never knowing how much those pictures would mean. Todd is a preaching elder at our church and works in the entertainment industry.  He passed on his love of art to all the children. They each pursued art or film in university, and Tristan was due to pursue the same until the day arrived that he could not keep himself alive.

If you can gain any comfort from our journey I will gladly share what God has taught us since Tristan went to be with Him.

Melissa (Mom), McKenna 25, Sawyer 17, Greyson 23, Todd (Dad) and Tristan (18 years, 363 days) painting on the Chateauguay River.

About Melissa

Thank you for being a Berean and checking out the credentials of the person claiming to speak Truth into your life. Here is Melissa's background so you can be better acquainted:

Todd and Melissa served as deacons at Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California. Melissa attended the one-year bible program of Logos Bible Institute at Grace. She also served as one of the women's leaders in the college and career fellowship groups.

She finished her BFA in Theatre at California State University Northridge.

She counts it her greatest privilege to have been mentored by Christian author/speaker Elizabeth George and still relies on and refers to her foundational teaching to this day.

Melissa serves as a Women's Ministry Leader at Grace Church Verdun in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, where her husband serves as a teaching elder.



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Send an email to christiansuicideloss@gmail.com