I saw us all standing in the photo, back when we were six. We were so real, as we had always been.


I traced your face in the picture and kissed it. Back then we lived six like breathing, without thinking about it. Six was just who we were. Six was who God created us to be. It never once occurred to me that five was coming. Why would we ever be five?

We are not five, we will never be five. We are six-with-one-missing.

“Missing” to us, but home and kept with God.

Today I watched Otis run to the window and bark and whine while everyone left for church. He saw us leave and then we were just gone! Missing. Would we ever be back? He was without his beloved.

We knew exactly where the car went, how long until church was over. We knew each turn home and when we would arrive in the driveway. We knew where we’d been and what we’d done. But all of that was a mystery to Otis. Otis just sat and watched and waited for any glimpse of hope.

I am Otis. Waiting, wondering, hoping I’ll see my beloved again. Most of the details and truth of why you went away are beyond me.

When Otis finally sees us come home it’s like he hasn’t seen us in a million years. We really are real, and back, and together!

That’s what being six-with-one-missing feels like to me. A million years of waiting. I’m so glad there is One higher than I that knows every detail and every why. He foreknew every path traveled , every green light, every merge, all the stop and go, down to the last few feet traveled home. He has it all in His excellent hands.

And one day at His appointed time I will get to greet you like I haven’t seen you for a million years. 

Together.  For a million, bazillion, more.