This is Tristan before he got sick and the way I always want to remember him: funloving, my sunshine boy with joy to share.

He slowly turned into a boy I did not recognize. It took 6 years for him to become isolated and angry. That’s why the song I’m about to share with you means so much to me.

My friend Darlene told me that the day after Tristan died she listened to this song all day long. She was afraid to share it with me thinking it might be too upsetting so I only heard it a year later. And then I listened to it over and over on Tristan’s anniversary. 

I’m passing it along to you because although it is not theologically correct, there is enough truth in it, that if you know your theology, you can pick it out. It reminds me of how Tristan must have felt when he died. His mental illness created so many obstacles that kept him, “afraid and cold, with so much to have and hold.”

Anyone here who has a suicide loss from mental illness will be able to relate to the lyrics in this song. They are more artistic than biblical, but pick out the truth, and enjoy knowing that your loved one now has “No Hard Feelings”.