They told us that grief affects each person differently. Maybe I was too traumatized to lay this to heart or maybe I expected my husband and I to be the exception to this. While I mourned outwardly, he mourned inwardly.  While I poured over pictures, he turned his head away. It made me feel even more isolated in my sorrow.

That’s why finally being able to hear Todd’s heart in his grief was such a blessing and a surprise to me.  He took his pain and went to God’s Word to find out how to live our new reality. And out of that he created a place called Sparrow Falls where the hurting can go to get hope for their troubled soul. 

And here is some of my favorite content:

The personal story behind the website and the podcast

Welcome to Sparrow Falls

Seeing my husband’s heart in The Spirt Returns to God Who Gave It

Why the Body of Christ is not skilled at comforting those who need it-

Skilled in Lamentation

I hope Sparrow Falls ministers to you as much as it does to me.